We sell a lot of bean bags. You could even say that we’re bean bag connoisseurs! What we’ve noticed is that those floaty polystyrene beans quickly break down and before you know it your comfy place to curl up with a book and a bowl of soup is saggy and misshapen. Good news: there is a solution!

Bean bag foam

That’s right, bean bag foam. The fact that our bean bag foam is currently our number one, best selling product speaks volumes for its effectiveness.

Our foam packs are made from premium furniture manufacturing offcuts which means your purchase repurposes a product that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The perfect ratio.

We recommend a combined ratio of foam and beans for the best balance of comfort and structure. The foam paired with the beans actually enhances the longevity of the filling. And don’t worry, our foam is vacuum packed in a neat little package for ease of transport. While we don’t sell beans, these can be easily purchased from your local Kmart, Target or Spotlight store.

How much do I need?

Filling type 100% Beans
100% Foam
The Perfect Ratio
Regular 300L 320L
100L Beans
200L Foam
Large 450L 520L
200L Beans
320L Foam
X Large 600L 680L
250L Beans
440L Foam
Lounger 300L -

Linen BeanBag
Chair + Ottoman

400L -


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