Create Your Happy Place at Home by Installing a Hanging Hammock Chair!

Do it yourself by following these step-by-step instructions below or find a handyman/builder who will do it for you.

Tools you will need:

~ Cordless drill or screwdriver
~ Stud finder - you can find these at hardware store or online.
~ Measuring tape
~ Pencil - to mark the ceiling
~ Ladder

All our hammock chairs support a weight of up to approx 250lbs. We also sell various styles of hanging kits, they work in a similar way, some have chain if you need extra length.

Some have a spring that allows some ‘give’ and you can also purchase extra chain or rope from any good hardware store if you need to hang lower, or if you are hanging it from a tree outdoors.

For more detailed information on the hanging kits click here

hanging hammock spring kit

Locate the ceiling joists

Hold your hammock chair up to get an idea of where you want to install it, making sure you have enough space to rotate and swing it. A minimum of approx 31 inches from the edge of the ceiling if it's in the corner gives enough room for movement. Mark a spot on the ceiling with the pencil where the center of the chair would be.

The hardware must be screwed into a beam/joist. Attaching it to a plaster ceiling alone is unsafe and won’t hold the weight of a person sitting in the hammock chair.
Use the stud finder to find the centre of the beam, it will beep when you have found it. Double check and mark the spot.
In the USA ceiling joists are usually installed either 16 or 24 inches on center, which means roughly 16 or 24 inches apart, so be sure to check again to get the centre of the joist. Screw the mounting plate to the ceiling. You’ll know the screw(s) or hook are going into the stud because there'll be a lot of resistance. When the screw(s) or hook are in, the hardest part is over!

Hang your chair!

Hang the extension spring onto the ceiling mount, and hook your hanging chair onto it. If your hardware set includes a swivel hook, clip one end onto your hammock chair and the other end onto the extension spring. Ideally the hammock needs to be about 18 inches off the floor which is the average seat height, but it may need to be a little lower for children. Add some cushions, grab a cuppa and a book, and start relaxing in your new private retreat!
pretty girl relaxing in a hammock swing chair

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